2023 FinnFunn Weekend - Cape Ann
Open to the Public

Tervetuloa kaikki -- Welcome All

The thirty-first annual FinnFunn New England Weekend 2023, hosted by the Cape Ann Finns and partner Gloucester 400+, is located this year in Rockport and Gloucester, Massachusetts, October 27-29. The weekend is the local American Finns' contribution to G400+'s spotlighting of the ethnic groups that helped shape Gloucester for 400 years. Join us to experience Finnishness from Cape Ann to Finland.
The event is centered around "Our FinnTown," consisting of Rockport and the villages of Pigeon Cove and Lanesville, a part of Gloucester. Anyone curious about the Finnish community’s imprint on Cape Ann, other FinnTowns and Finland will find much of interest as well as discover similarities to other immigrant groups. Presentations, activities, tours, and entertainment focus on music, theater, dance, history, and culture as well as on modern Finland and a current animated film recorded on Cape Ann by Finns provide an array of choices. And funn!
This website provides complete information about registration and events. Select from weekend or day rates and single-event tickets.  Sign up for limited-seating events at check in.
See you there. Nähdään siellä.

Custom-made Quilt Raffle Fundraiser
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The Cape Ann Finns Planning Committee

2023 FinnFunn Planning Committee, left to right: Rob Ranta, Ray Hildonen, Elana Pistenmaa Brink, Nikki Korkatti, Fred Peterson, Barbara Greel Sachs, and Valerie I. Nelson. Not pictured: Anne Thompson Freiss, Dona Kaihlanen Shea, and Wayne Soini.